Tribal Bootcamp

Joel and his friend, comedian Nish Kumar, travel the world, from Mexico to Mongolia, and visit six diverse communities. Each of these communities, despite their differences, live incredibly active lifestyles based on age-old forms of exercise, such as kick-box mountain running or 24-hour livestock protection. With the help of oncall experts, Joel is keen to see if he can keep pace with the locals. Nish is just in it for the culture and the cooking.

The two friends join Maasai warriors in Africa, Tagbanua in the Philippines, the Xavante tribe in the Brazilian rainforest, Shaolin Monks, a running tribe in the Mexican Canyon and a group of Mongolian nomads. As the adventure comes to an end, Joel takes on a special challenge to see if his body and mind have adapted to the local ways. Is Joel fitter than a Maasai warrior? We’re about to find out.