Series Premiere, May 4, 9 ET/PT
Whale with Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall dives with whales and dolphins, taking us closer than ever before to the most
mysterious and awe-inspiring animals in the natural world. Across four episodes he encounters
a remarkable diversity of whales and dolphins, exploring our close kinship as caring
mammals, witnessing their extraordinary hunting techniques, tracing their epic migrations
across the planet and discovering how they are adapting to survive in a world we are

Steve has spent years training to hold his breath underwater for long periods and uses this
skill to dive deep into the world of whales on their terms. The results are remarkable, allowing
him intimate encounters with the most iconic creatures of all.

In this global series, Steve voyages from the tropics to polar waters as he reveals, close-up,
the complex societies of Sperm Whales and Spotted Dolphins, the hunting strategies of giant
Sei Whales and innovative Orca, the nurturing care and marathon migrations of Humpback
Whales and their calves, and the remarkable survival behaviour of Risso’s and Bottlenose
Dolphins. Now, as their ocean home face unprecedented change, Steve asks what is being
done to ensure their survival and reveals why their future success is so important to us.


Premiering on May 4 at 9p.m., new episodes every week until May 25.